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SilentNight Microburner 6.0.22 Updated 12.03.2007 !

Here we go again. In this update there has been added an installer and uninstaller to the burner besides a better selection of help options inside the program, and some other improvenets and bug fixes.

The choise is quite simple, there are no other alternatives!

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SilentNight Pro Burner released sunday 11.02.2007

This is the new and complete solution for multimedia burning. It is based on our multi award winning tool SilentNight MicroBurner, but with a completely new and enhanced engine. The Pro Burner is not a stand-alone product due to the complexity and support for movie, audio convertions and DVD authoring systems. But it is still as easy to use as the MicroBurner, and the GUI of both burners are almost identical.


The complete multimedia burning solution

With SilentNight Pro Burner you will be able to burn all kinds of CD and DVD media. Besides the creation of simple data cd and dvd it also support convertion of audio and video formats (Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Vob, Avi, Wmv, Mov, Mp3, Ogg, Wma etc.). Also extract audio from supported video formats. Create Video cd (Mpeg1) and Super Video cd (Mpeg2). Burn .Iso, .Bin and .Cue image files. With the inbuildt audio grabber the digital audio tracks will be copied to a target drive and thereby converted to the audio formats Wave(pcm), OggVorbis, mp3 and WMA. It also has ID3 Tag support and FreeDB Connection Support with customizing Proxy and finally options to create m3u Lists. Create Video DVD from existing DVD files, and a FilmDVD copy module. If you need a strong and reliable backup solution, you got it! Finally, you can create, download or use ready made covers for your cd, dvd projects.

Data CD/DVD ISO9960, Joliet (Multisession), UDF, MiniDVD (Video DVD on CD). It is developed strictly to the original CD/DVD specifications. Use inbuildt ASPI layer or any other valid ASPI. Supports all important flags of the "El Torito" BootImage specifications. Possibility to fill all ISO Header Fields in Data CD/DVD Projects. Support for hardware buffer underrun protection systems like BURNproof, JustLink, Power-Burn, SafeBurn, SeamlessLink etc. Automatic support for MMC compatible CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW/DL and DVD-RAM burners. All burning methods are "On-The-Fly". No need to make image files first . Works with Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Translators Needed (28.02.2007) The Microburner 6.0 is is now ready for translation. Currently i have English, Norwegian and French. What i am looking for is any other languages :-)
Most important is Italian, German and Spanish, but all languages are welcome. So if you want a free copy of the software (also all future updates) and think you can handle it, please email me for more information.

EMI reviewing CD content protection technologyI guess it would be too much to hope for that the music industry finally gets it, but at least we might be able to play audio CDs in our car stereos again in the near future. Read the full story here.

For Windows Vista Security, Microsoft Called In Pros. When Microsoft introduces its long-awaited Windows Vista operating system this month, it will have an unlikely partner to thank for making its flagship product safe and secure for millions of computer users across the world: the National Security Agency.

SilentNight Pro Burner news 12.02.2007 Today i received a 5 stars award from Download3000 for the SilentNight Pro Burner. The first site outside SilentNight to list this application.

What do the letters DVD stand for? (just funny) All of the following have been proposed as the words behind the letters DVD.

  • Delayed, very delayed (referring to the many late releases of DVD formats)
  • Diversified, very diversified (referring to the proliferation of recordable formats and other spinoffs)
  • Digital venereal disease (referring to piracy and copying of DVDs)
  • Dead, very dead (from naysayers who predicted DVD would never take off)
  • Digital video disc (the original meaning proposed by some of DVD's creators)
  • Digital versatile disc (a meaning later proposed by some of DVD's creators)
  • Nothing

And the official answer is? "Nothing." The original acronym came from "digital video disc." Some members of the DVD Forum tried to express that DVD goes far beyond video by retrofitting the painfully contorted phrase "digital versatile disc," but this has never been officially accepted by the DVD Forum as a whole. The DVD Forum decreed in 1999 that DVD, as an international standard, is simply three letters. After all, how many people ask what VHS stands for? (Guess what, no one agrees on that one either.)

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When i decided to quit the network and security part of SilentNight, and change name from SilentNight Network and Security Tools to SilentNight Multimedia Tools the forum required a complete makeover. So the old forum does not exist any longer, and old users will have to register for a new account (This is totally free). All old posts are now gone due to an error i made when creating the new one.

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